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The Collins Comfort Masters are happy to offer unlimited tips, advice, and answers to all your heating and cooling-related questions and concerns. Considering the fact that we’ve been doing our jobs since 1985, we have developed an impressive level of expertise involving all things heating and cooling. We offer clarity on everything from what it takes to properly take care of your heater or air conditioning unit, to what to do when things go wrong. Find the answers you’re looking for here!

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If you have a broken system that is beyond repair, we encourage you to replace it with new equipment right away. There are a few common signs to look out for when determining whether or not it’s time to upgrade your heating or air conditioning unit.

These signs include:

  • You’ve had the unit for more than ten years
  • It’s just not performing at maximum capacity
  • Repair costs supersede the amount needed for a replacement
  • Your unit breaks down or stalls too frequently
  • You have Freon-40 Chloromethane filtrating through your system

If you and your roommates or family members are experiencing any of these symptoms, bad air quality in your property might be the culprit:

  • Eye irritation
  • Fatigue
  • Migraines or headaches
  • Sneezing
  • Nausea
  • Dizziness
  • Coughing

When the quality of your air needs improvement, it’s most likely due to one or more of the following:

  • Your air isn’t being ventilated properly.
  • Toxic chemicals or bacteria have contaminated your air.
  • The number of tenants or occupants of your property have increased.

All heating and cooling systems made by Lennox are created to produce maximum comfort, 24/7/365. Their products are the embodiment of high-efficiency and pure innovation. Whether you need a new heater, air conditioner, or air filter, Lennox products make it possible for you to maximize your comfort and your energy savings at the same time. As proud Lennox Premier Dealers, we carry the latest products that they have to offer.

We encourage routine maintenance for your heating and cooling system to ensure that it performs at peak capacity, year ‘round. It is in your best interests to schedule maintenance checks every six months to a year, depending on how long you’ve had your unit.

There are numerous benefits to switching out your traditional heating and air conditioning unit to a ductless system. By going ductless, you’re guaranteed to experience comfort in a quieter setting and at a more efficient pace. It is the perfect replacement for an outdated furnace, baseboard, or plug-in system. More than one ductless system could also be used to ventilate quality heating and air through multiple areas of your property with ease.

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