Water Filtration, Water Softening & More

Water softenerIn order to get truly clean water throughout your home, you need a water filtration system from Collins Comfort Masters. It’s important that the water you drink is clean, but if you’re receiving your water from your home’s tap, you may be ingesting harmful chemicals, additives, and bacteria.

Filtered water is not only healthy, it tastes and looks better as well. Instead of spending money on bottled water and cluttering up your local landfill with plastic, you could be enjoying the same level of filtration right from your faucet. Additionally, our water filtration systems can filter the water throughout your entire house, so you’ll be able to enjoy crisp, clean water from any faucet.

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Water Filtration System Installation

The water filtration systems provided by our plumbing team get rid of impurities at the source. This means that before tap water ever reaches your plumbing system, it will be put through a series of filters and you won’t have to do anything except turn on your faucet and enjoy the results.

We can install our water filtration systems quickly and they are small enough to fit in virtually any space. You won’t have to worry about a bulky water filtration system getting in your way and you’ll always have easy access to your water filters. Best of all, we back all of our work and your satisfaction by our guarantee.

Below are some of the potentially harmful elements our whole house water filtration systems remove:

  • Minerals
  • Lead
  • Arsenic
  • Rust
  • Sediment
  • VOCs
  • Sulfur
  • Bacteria

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Water Softener Systems in Gilbert

If you’re tired of dealing with hard water and scale buildup in your sinks, tubs, showers, and drains, a water softener from Collins Comfort Masters is the answer to your problems. Our softening solutions get rid of calcium and other potentially harmful minerals that can lead to plumbing damage, leaving you with water free from a number of impurities. In addition, we also offer water filtration systems designed to filter your water even further. When combined, these two solutions provide clean, healthy water that won’t damage your body or your plumbing.

Water Softener Benefits

water softenerWater softeners aren’t just for delivering crisp, clean water—they actually help preserve and protect your home’s plumbing. Over time, hard water full of minerals can cause buildup in your pipes. As these pipes narrow, they can become clogged and may crack or break. Additionally, the buildup in your pipes can cause food debris to get caught and this food debris can breed dangerous mold and bacteria.

Water Softener Installation

When you partner with Collins Comfort Masters for water softeners and water filtration systems, you can count on receiving fast and professional installation. Our plumbers are some of the best in the industry, and each cares about your comfort. We’ll take the time to understand your individual needs and can create a water softener solution to address them. When you rely on Collins Comfort Masters to install a water softener in Gilbert, you’ll no longer have to worry about the potential for damage to your pipes, plumbing system, your health, or your home. Most importantly we back your satisfaction and all of our work with our guarantee.

Water Maintenance

Water Softener Maintenance

Collins Comfort Masters can also maintain your water softener to ensure it continues operating at peak performance. It’s a proven fact that regular maintenance prevents breakdowns and system malfunctions and it also allows our plumbers to catch and address potential problems before they turn into costly repairs. We can work out a maintenance schedule that fits your needs and your budget and you’ll be informed of any work that takes place before we start.

Our Professional Plumbers

When you contact Collins Comfort Masters to have a whole house water filtration system installed, you’ll receive service from professional plumbers who care. We get to know our customers on an individual basis because we want to find out what’s important to you. We understand that each home and each family is different, so our team listens to your concerns and is always ready to provide you with all available water filtration system options. Additionally, we drug screen and background check our plumbers to provide our customers with peace of mind.

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