Collins Comfort Masters Technician Repairing an Air Conditioner

Check your Freon and wash your outside coils for just $129- A must in Arizona!


You know how weather can be in the Phoenix, Arizona. Spring is hot and comes with dust and pollen in the air. Summer is scorching and the heat never seems to end. Even the beginning of fall can be rough on your A/C system. The weather will fake you out with a couple nice days before more summer heat. 

Your air conditioner REALLY has its work cut out for it. It stays busy for months and months. Give it the care it needs to keep your family cool through all the heat seasons.  ASAP! 

Check Your Freon AND Wash Your Outside Coils – For Just $129!

For just $129, a Collins Comfort Masters technician will make sure your AC can keep up with whatever weather the Arizona can throw at it. This means we’ll check your freon, do a visual inspection of your unit, and wash your outside coils. That wash makes sure your AC can breathe better, which keeps your home cooler and your energy bills lower!

Your AC works hard every summer. Did you know it’s even at risk of damage during the winter? Whether it’s spring, the middle of summer, or early in the fall, it’s never a bad time to schedule a Check and Wash for your air conditioner.

When you call Collins Comfort Masters for your Check and Wash, you’re making sure your family stays cool all summer long! Why risk a broken air conditioner? You deserve to feel comfortable in your own home. 

Call (480) 212-9208 or contact Collins Comfort Masters online to schedule an air conditioning check and wash or other services at your Phoenix area home.

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