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Did you know that Phoenix, AZ is notorious for having some of the hardest water in the country?

Water softeners are a necessity in Arizona where the environment is composed of hard minerals. Collins Comfort is familiar with hard water in Phoenix and can recommend the best water softener for your home. Below you can find answers to your questions about hard water:

Hard water problems can be a real pain. Solving those problems can vastly improve the water quality in your home and increase the happiness of your family. Water Softeners leave your dishes spotless, your clothes brighter, your skin and hair softer while getting rid of that buildup on your faucets.

So What Is Hard Water?

Hard water is basically water containing a high mineral count. Groundwater often percolates through limestone, where it picks up calcium and magnesium deposits.

Drinking water can also contain trace minerals like iron, which gets picked up from the soil, lakes and rivers – even older, corroded plumbing. In some regions, hard water may also contain manganese or aluminum.

Of course, things like calcium, magnesium and iron aren’t necessarily bad for you. In fact, they’re actually beneficial nutrients. However, hard water sediments can also carry potentially harmful bacteria along with them. 

Here Are Eight Signs That You May Have Hard Water:

  • Does Your Water Taste or Smell Funny?
  • Are You Getting Strange Stains in/on your fixtures?
  • Are You Constantly Cleaning Up Soap Scum?
  • Is Your Shower Experience Less Than Satisfactory?
  • Do Your Pipes Keep Getting Clogged?
  • Do you Have Trouble Getting Clothes Clean? 
  • Does Your Family Have Skin Irritation Issues?
  • Are Your Appliances Wearing Out Quickly?

How Water Softener and Filtration Can Help: 

Installing a water softener or water filtration system in your home will fix all the concerns above. Water softeners remove things like calcium, magnesium and iron from your water as it comes in from the source. It’s an investment that could save you headaches as well as money.

There are also other types of water conditioning products, like a reverse osmosis system, which can help eliminate potentially harmful contaminants. 

If you’re ready to look into the possibility of a water softener, reverse osmosis, or a water filtration system in your home, or if you simply have questions about your options, contact us for a free in-home estimate.

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