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Keep contaminants from spreading through your house with professional duct cleaning from Collins Comfort Masters

You might assume your air ducts are built tightly, but ductwork leaks are incredibly common. Not only does this waste energy by allowing heated and cooled air to escape into unconditioned spaces, but it also allows attic dust, insulation fibers, dirt, and other debris to hitch a ride into the living space. Duct sealing services from Collins Comfort Masters can put a stop to this, improving indoor air quality in the process.

Duct cleaning is also important for removing trapped dust, cobwebs, mold, grime, and other contaminants. When your air ducts are clean, you avoid blowing pollution around your home every time the furnace or air conditioner runs. Our technicians are qualified to clean your ductwork safely, quickly, and thoroughly. 

HVAC maintenance is another important part of promoting good indoor air quality. To schedule duct sealing or cleaning for your Phoenix area home, please call Collins Comfort Masters at (480) 212-9208.

Air Filtration & Purification for Your Phoenix, AZ Home

Your HVAC system may be a source of indoor air pollution, but with the proper air filtration and purification measures, the ductwork can become a place to clean the air in your entire home. Collins Comfort Masters installs numerous whole-house air-cleaning solutions, including:

  • Air filters
  • Air cleaners
  • Air purifiers
  • Air scrubbers

Schedule Indoor Air Quality Services in Phoenix, AZ 

At Collins Comfort Masters, we are committed to the health and comfort of you and your family. With our indoor air quality solutions, you can enjoy clean, contaminant-free air to help you breathe easy. 

Call us today at (480) 212-9208 for a free indoor air quality service estimate. 

Must be mentioned at time of scheduling, and presented to technician at time of service. Cannot be combined with any other oer or discount, maintenance, diagnostic fee, or applied to an already completed service.

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