4 Signs of a Broken AC Motor

The motor in your air conditioner is the main component that is responsible for making the appliance operate and needs to run well to ensure you get cool air in the building. Over time, the part is prone to suffering from issues, whether due to its age or wear that occurs. Here are a few top signs to look for to determine if you have a broken AC motor.

1. No Cold Airflow

The main sign that your AC motor needs attention is if there’s a lack of cool air blowing through the vents. The air conditioner may not work or only blows warm air through the vents when it’s in use.

2. Unusual Noises

You may begin to hear unusual noises coming from your AC system like rattling, humming, and buzzing noises. The AC motor is likely having issues if there’s a loud rattling noise coming from the condenser unit. The motor may also begin to buzz or hum, which is a sign that the blades aren’t functioning.

3. Thermostat Issues

If you begin to notice issues with your thermostat and that it’s not cooling the interior setting to the desired temperature, then you likely have a broken AC motor. You can turn to the knowledgeable technicians from Collins Comfort Masters in Phoenix to have the part inspected. You may end up needing expert AC repair services.

4. The Fan Won’t Stop

One of the most common signs that an AC motor is having issues is when the fan doesn’t turn off when it’s operating. After you’ve done everything in your power to turn off the air conditioner, and it continues to operate, it is likely an issue with the parts.

Reliable AC Repair

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