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5 Signs You Need Drain Cleaning

Most people don’t think about plumbing drains until the signs of problems arise. Ignoring those signs could lead to bigger issues more quickly than you think. Don’t get caught unexpectedly by drainpipe problems. Be on the lookout for five signs that something is wrong and the drain needs a good cleaning.

1. Water Backs up in Sinks and Stalls

A drain is an empty pipe. Water and runs down the drain from the sink, shower, and elsewhere to the sewer system. If soap scum or debris builds up, the drain suffers from obstructions. Backups and clogs occur when something’s blocking the flow. Cleaning out the drain could restore the flow before things get worse.

2. The Drain Emits Odors

Foul odors indicate something is rotting down in the drain. If you dumped cooking oil down the sink and thought running the faucet would clean everything out, well, the smell coming from the drain shows it won’t. A thorough cleaning, however, just might.

3. Sound Comes From the Drain

Even if the drains seem to work, you should feel alarmed at the gurgling sound coming from the pipes. An obstruction is likely causing the “glug” sound. Obstructions only get worse. Collins Comfort Masters addresses troubles like this all the time.

4. Debris Comes up the Drain

All those bits of food particles that the garbage disposal didn’t completely get rid of will do more than just look gross. They likely become a breeding ground for bacteria. You probably want to move quickly on cleaning that drain.

5. Slow Water Drainage Occurs

A slow drain is better than a clog, right? Honestly, there isn’t much different because the slow drainage will probably turn into a clog soon. Anything out of the ordinary means there’s a problem.

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