Banish Static Electricity This Winter

Do your socks spark as you walk across your living room floor? When you pull your clothes out of the dryer, are they desperately clinging together? Then you may be the victim of static electricity. Technicians from Collins Comfort Masters can help you get rid of this annoyance.

How Does Static Electricity Form?

Every object is made of molecules, which are in turn composed of protons, neutrons, and electrons. Electrons sit on the outer edge of a molecule, and they’re easily transferred. Static electricity happens when a negatively charged object discharges its electrons to a positively charged object in an effort to make them both neutral.

Why Is There Less Static Electricity in the Summer?

You’ve probably noticed that you don’t get static electricity much in the summer. The difference lies in the moisture in the air. Another term for this is humidity. Water is a conductor of electricity. When there is water on the surface of an object, electrons can move quickly through the water to find a molecule that needs another electron. Moisture in the air means there is also moisture on the objects in a room, reducing the chance that an electron will jump from one dry item to another.

How Can You Reduce Static Electricity in the Winter?

Residents of the Phoenix area know that our indoor air gets awfully dry in the winter. The best way to add moisture into the air is with a humidifier. You put water in the machine, and it disperses that water into the air. A comfortable level of humidity is about 45%. That level will also reduce the occurrence of static electricity in your home. Portable humidifiers can humidify a small area or room, and a whole-house humidifier can put moisture into the air throughout your entire home. The latter type could use your existing heating vents to blow moist vapor into the air. It should be noted that a humidifier will be much more effective at reducing static electricity than a dehumidifier, which works to remove excess moisture in the air.

If you’ve been battling static electricity and you’re ready for a solution, call Collins Comfort Masters in Phoenix, today. We have the answers to all your air quality questions.