Does My Home Need a Humidifier in the Winter?

Nothing is more important than your indoor air quality, especially during the harsh winter months. If you are experiencing certain symptoms, you may need a humidifier for your indoor air. Take a few minutes to figure it out using the best practices below.

The Symptoms

If you experience arise and static electricity around your home during the winter, then you definitely are in the market for a humidifier. Static electricity means that you may be in line for allergies, nosebleeds, costs, dry skin and chapped lips. Over time, dry air can lead to cracks in your wood furniture and gaps in your wood flooring. Not only are these things uncomfortable, but they can get very expensive to fix if you do not take care of them immediately.

What is Happening to Your Indoor Air

During the winter months, most people tend to “hibernate.” The doors and windows are shut tight, and the furnace gets a little bit of extra attention. You may be increasing the temperature of the air in your home, but you are not necessarily increasing the moisture in the air. Because the home is so locked up, the moisture from the outside air does not have a chance to replenish your indoor air quality. Dry air is not healthy for your home or for you. In most cases, a shuttered home will begin to show signs of truly dry air in December. With two or three more months of winter to go, you will experience a great deal of discomfort if you do not do something about your air problem right now.

Keeping Phoenix Comfortable Since 1985

Fortunately, there is a solution for low humidity in the winter. Whole home humidifiers serve the same function as furnaces – they allow you to improve your indoor air quality from a central location in the home. Collins Comfort Masters has a team that can help you stay comfortable during the winter months. If you know you need a humidifier, give us a call today!