Ductless Cooling Systems vs Air Conditioners

When it comes to cooling your home, there are a few different types of systems available to create a comfortable setting. Ductless cooling systems and air conditioners are the two main types that are installed in properties. Both systems operate differently and vary in their efficiency. Here are a few of the top differences to learn between ductless cooling systems and air conditioners.

1. Ductwork

The main difference between ductless cooling systems and air conditioners is that air conditioners require ductwork and ductless cooling systems do not. Ductless systems don’t have any ductwork that needs to be present to operate, which can make it more convenient to use for buildings with thick walls. Ductless cooling systems can keep the interior setting at a more consistent temperature during the day instead of turning on repeatedly.

2. Cost

Although ductless cooling systems may be convenient to use, the cost to install them can sometimes be higher. The high cost is often because it can be difficult to find a qualified professional that is capable of installing the ductless system compared to a technician that is skilled in installing a standard AC unit.

3. Maintenance

Air conditioners may require more maintenance compared to ductless cooling systems because the ducts need to be cleaned every few years to keep the appliance operating efficiently and to maintain the healthy air quality in the building. Air conditioning units also require annual maintenance with the help of a professional. Fortunately, air conditioners are virtually invisible, and their energy-efficiency can improve the value of the home. Ductless cooling systems can be tricky to size and have aesthetics that may not be pleasing to some homeowners.

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