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Easy Ways to Check Your Home for Air Leaks

Loose doors, broken weather stripping, and wall cracks can all create drafts throughout a home. These air leaks cost you money on heating and cooling. The drafts force your air conditioner or furnace to work harder to counteract the air loss. Your comfort will decrease as well because your system might fail to maintain a consistent temperature.

Spot Problems With a Visual Inspection

Many air leaks are easy to locate and repair yourself with fresh caulk, insulation, weather stripping, or replacement doors and windows. To complete a thorough indoor and outdoor inspection of your home, look for gaps or cracks in the following areas:

While you’re sealing leaks, you can also benefit from a seasonal inspection of your heating and cooling system. In Gilbert, AZ, Collins Comfort Masters provides residential AC tune-ups that will improve performance and enable more efficient power usage. This service also has the potential to extend the life of your equipment.

Perform a Building Pressurization Test

Professional companies perform a test that seals a home and attaches a blower to a door to alter internal air pressure. You can mimic this pressurization test with a few simple steps.

This method can be very effective at finding air leaks that cannot be easily detected with a visual inspection.

Invest in Indoor Comfort

Insulation, weather stripping, and modern doors and windows will all provide long-term heating and cooling savings. For expert advice about furnace and AC repairs and replacement, trust the qualified team at Collins Comfort Masters. Call us today with any heating and cooling questions.