How Can You Test Your Air for Mold?

Mold is one of the most significant health hazards in the home and can also be one of the most difficult to detect. It stands to reason that a problem cannot be corrected unless we are aware of it. Fortunately, there are a number of useful and accurate methods for detecting mold in your air.

Why Test for Mold?

As we mentioned, mold can be a serious hazard to the health of everyone living in your home. But if we are uncertain of the cost/benefit of testing, we may be reluctant to perform a mold test. Here are a few indications that you should test your home for mold:

  • You detect a mold-like odor in your home.
  • You discover a mold bloom visually.
  • You suspect a mold bloom but need help locating it.
  • To measure the air quality of your home.
  • To test the effectiveness of a mold remediation effort.

Any home older than 5 years that has never been tested for mold should be tested. In areas where excessive atmospheric moisture is an issue, this time frame should be reduced by half.

Signs of Mold

As mentioned, one sign of mold could be the smell. If you detect mold by its odor but cannot locate the bloom, this is an indication that your home is in serious need of mold remediation. Another good indication of the presence of mold is an allergic reaction. If you know you are allergic to penicillin, for example, and experience allergic symptoms-there is a good chance that you have a mold bloom in your home.

Mold Detection Kits

Mold test kits are a cost-effective way to check for mold, but they are not infallible. They come in the following types: 

Air Testing: Air test kits test for mold in the air. 
Bulk Testing: This type is test collects material samples from your home which are tested for mold. 
Surface Testing: This type of test takes dust samples from surfaces in your home. 

Professional Mold Testing

Because the medical consequences of mold can be so serious, it’s best to leave mold detection to the professionals. Professional mold detection is done by technicians with the right training, equipment, and licensing to detect mold accurately and reliably the first time. When the health of you and your loved ones is on the line, professional mold detection is the optimal choice.

To learn more about mold detection and remediation, contact Collins Comfort Masters. We will take care of all your mold concerns fast and effectively!