How Does Duct Sealing Work

Aerosol is a fairly recent technology that resolves duct leaks from the inside out. Aeroseal duct sealing works by placing leaking air under pressure. Polymer particles first attach to the leak’s edges. The polymer particles then attach to each other until the leak is sealed entirely. If you’re interested in having a technician perform Aeroseal duct sealing in your home, here is some information about the step-by-step process.

1. Prepare Your System

 The first step of duct sealing involves preparing the system. The technician will use foam to plug the registers, forcing the area in the ductwork to escape through any leaks. This step allows the technician to pretest the duct system before starting the Aeroseal duct sealing process.

The pretest will measure the amount of duct leakage in square inches and the amount of air leaking in the ductwork. The technician will need to connect the Aeroseal machine to the duct work for the pretest, which is called the Air Duct Diagnostic. On average, the pretest identifies a duct leakage of 30 to 40 percent.

The technician will cut a small access hole into the return or supply and attach a temporary collar. The technician will use a foam plug to block the air conditioning fan, indoor coil, and furnace temporarily. This will prevent the entrance of sealant particles into this part of the system. Next, the technician will inject sealant into the ductwork.

2. Seal Your Ductwork

 Next, the technician will inject non-toxic aerosol sealant into the duct system. The small aerosol particles of the sealant will remain suspended in the air due to continuous air movement. The particles will attempt to leave the ductwork through the leaks. The aerosol particles attach to the edges of cracks and holes in the ductwork. Eventually, the aerosol particles will begin to attach to each other, sealing the holes and cracks from the inside out.

The technician will control the process entirely from a computer. You will be able to look at the results in real time. Therefore, you will be able to see the effectiveness of this process first hand. In general, it only takes about one or two ounces of sealant material to seal the ducts in a home. Aeroseal is able to seal leaks as big as 5/8ths of an inch.

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