How to Correct Uneven Cooling

The air conditioning systems in some houses, particularly older ones, can be aggravating. You might be just cool enough in the living room, but when you walk into the bedroom or kitchen, you are suddenly much hotter. Perhaps the temperature is perfect in some areas, but you feel like an icicle in other places. If this is the case in your residence, don’t despair. There are a few basic steps you can take to achieve comfortable temperatures throughout the house.

Inspect Your Vents

First, ascertain that all the air vents are fully open. Sometimes, they are closed inadvertently and left that way for years. Closing vents is something many people think saves them energy. It doesn’t. It can, on the other hand, build up substantial pressure in your system and cause serious problems with the equipment. Having vents closed in some rooms and open in others is one of the primary reasons for uneven cooling and heating.

Next, check for any blockages that might be impeding airflow. Furniture in front of vents can sometimes be the problem. It’s also possible that there is a clog in the ductwork. This might call for professional assistance.

It is also important to keep doors open between rooms. If you have been closing off certain areas, you might actually be the culprit. Sometimes, uneven cooling is simply due to a lack of air circulation.

Seal the Leaks

You’ll want to thoroughly inspect your home for air leaks. This especially applies to any rooms you find typically uncomfortable. When you have air leaks around doors, windows, outlets, and seams, you wind up with annoying drafts entering your space. You can isolate these by using a stick of incense and watching the smoke drift. Wherever you find them, sell them off.


There is a sure-fire remedy, but it requires professional assistance. If these efforts aren’t sufficient to give you all-around comfort, you may need to have your equipment replaced. With a zone AC system, you can control the temperature in each individual area. Rather than using one thermostat for the whole house, you would have specific controls. This is an elegant and very efficient solution to the problem.

Get Professional AC Help in Phoenix

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