How to Find the Best Furnace for My Home?

So you are upgrading to central air, or you may be moving into a new home entirely. How do you know which furnace or heating system is right for you? There are a few signs that you should be aware of when you are looking to upgrade so that you can get the best bang for your buck without having to backtrack. Here are some of the top ways to identify the best furnace for your home.

Sizing Your Furnace

The size of your furnace should coincide with the size of your home. If it is too big, you will end up overpowering your home and paying too much every month on your heating bill. If your furnace is too small, then you will not be able to control the temperature around your entire property.

Use a free online furnace sizing calculator to understand a range that you should consider. You should still talk to your furnace expert, but with this back of the napkin calculation, you will be able to have an informed conversation that will lead to a better decision. 

Efficient Use of Power

Take a look at the efficiency ratings on any furnace that you are looking to consider. Newer furnaces have efficiency minimums that they must adhere to. Make sure that you get a furnace with the highest efficiency rating possible for your budget. Certain states also have guaranteed minimums for furnace efficiency. Check online to see if your state is one that regulates its furnace industry directly. If so, then you can be assured of a certain level of efficiency.

A Reputation for Heating Excellence

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