How to Optimize Your Energy Efficiency This Winter

No matter where you live in the United States, including here in the Phoenix area, temperatures are going to drop in the winter, which means your home will require more energy to stay comfortable. Monthly energy costs tend to spike during the winter for this very reason. Still, you can ease the sting of these added expenses by taking a few proactive measures. 

Install Storm Windows or Thick Curtains to Keep the Heat In

Many of the ways you can promote energy efficiency during the cold winter months center on your windows. 

For starters, you can install storm windows to add a layer of insulation to trap in the heat. Windows are extremely weak spots in your home’s insulation. Beef them up to keep the heat in. Similarly, you can also install thick curtains that will hold out drafts. 

If you do have window coverings, make sure they are left open when the sun is shining. If your home is lucky enough to get significant sunshine during the day, let the sun do the hard work of warming your home so your furnace doesn’t have to shoulder the entire load. 

Turn Down the Thermostat

Preserving energy efficiency during the winter is as simple as turning down your thermostat. Sure, everyone likes to stay toasty warm, but dressing in warmer attire and keeping your home temperature set at around 65 to 70 degrees equates to significant savings.

Use a Fireplace

A fireplace provides an excellent, efficient source of heat in a localized area of your home. If you want to keep a smaller area of your home warm and the rest of your house a bit colder, a fireplace is a great way to do it.

Maintain Your Furnace

A clean, well-functioning furnace will maximize efficiency. You can hire professionals, like those at Collins Comfort Masters, for an advanced tune-up or take measures of your own. This might include cleaning the dust out of the inside of your furnace, changing the air filter regularly, and keeping vents and registers free of debris and obstructions.

Winter heating doesn’t have to break the bank. Be mindful of your energy consumption, and connect with Collins Comfort Masters if you have any questions or concerns about your home’s heating system. We also offer air conditioning services to customers in Tempe, Gilbert, Scottsdale, Phoenix and the surrounding areas.