Key Differences Between an Air Conditioner and an HVAC System

Everyone in the Phoenix area understands the great contribution the invention of the air conditioner has made to the overall quality of life in warm climates. However, most people do not fully understand the difference between an air conditioner and an HVAC system.

An easy way to distinguish air conditioners from HVAC systems is to simply remember the functions that are included in the HVAC acronym: heating, ventilation, air conditioning, and cooling. While an air conditioner is an individual component, an HVAC system combines multiple functions into one convenient setup. The technicians at Collins Comfort Masters are able to install air conditioners and HVAC systems, depending on the customer’s need.

Advantages of Choosing a Standalone Air Conditioner

There are a few different reasons a person may choose an air conditioner over a full HVAC system. People who are renting their residence or place of business may purchase an air conditioner as a removable solution that does not require extensive installation.

Window air conditioning units are less expensive but still effective for cooling a single room or other small space, such as a studio apartment or home addition. Others may opt to install an air conditioner if they have separate appliances that provide heat and ventilation and simply need to replace the cooling component.

Advantages of Choosing a Full HVAC System

An HVAC system can save homeowners time and money by allowing the installation of multiple components at once. The heating, cooling and ventilation aspects of a full system may reduce the homeowner’s energy costs by working together seamlessly to maintain a comfortable interior at all times.

Homeowners also save money on installation when choosing an HVAC system. This is because it takes less time to install one system than it would otherwise take to install each of the components separately.

Let a Professional HVAC Contractor Help You Decide

Our knowledgeable service providers are available to help Phoenix residents determine whether a standalone air conditioner or a full HVAC is the right solution for you. Contact us today to schedule an appointment or to receive an estimate.