Know About Gas Leaks and Gas Leak Repair

Many of the homes that our Collins Comfort Masters team services every day rely on natural gas. Natural gas is an important energy source and when managed correctly it is quite safe and reliable. Understanding a few basic facts about gas leaks will help you identify the need for gas leak repair and related maintenance services.

Are Gas Leaks Dangerous?

This is the first question that our gas leak repair service members are asked. The answer depends on the circumstances. Outdoor gas leaks are not regarded as highly dangerous since the natural air flow will prevent the gas from getting trapped in a confined area. If you spot puffs of dust rising from the ground when no breeze is present or if you smell the rotten egg scent associated with gas leaks, then professional plumbers ought to be notified right away. Stand away from the site until technicians arrive.

Indoor Leaks

If you are inside and suspect that you have a gas leak, follow these steps to minimize risk to yourself and your family:

  • Family members and pets should exit the home.
  • Do not use electrical appliances, including telephones, while inside your home.
  • Contact your power company from a neighbor’s home to let them know about the leak; follow any instructions they give you.
  • Do not try to identify the source of the leak; the gas leak repair technicians that respond to your call will do this.

Though gas leaks do pose some risk, you can keep yourself safe by following the right procedures and contacting us.