Plumbing Repair: Fix Your Water Softening System

The team at Collins Comfort Masters has been the preferred Gilbert plumber for water softening system installations for many years. These important systems will perform reliably with just a minimum of care; therefore, most people do not have much reason to get to know their water softening system very well. Cleaning the brine tank is a simple plumbing repair that you can do at home with no special tools. This task will help correct the sodium balance present inside the softening system. Since the correct balance of sodium is essential to your water softener functioning correctly, maintaining the brine tank shouldn’t be overlooked.

Cleaning the Brine Tank

The brine tank is usually the larger of the two tanks that make up a water softening system. Simply remove the lid of the tank to get started, then follow these steps to perform this type of plumbing repair: 

  • Use the handle of a broomstick or other rod to gently break up the salt crust at the bottom of the tank. Take care not to damage the tank itself.
  • Use the hose attachment of a wet-dry vacuum to remove the broken sediment.
  • Wipe the inside of the tank with a clean damp cloth.
  • Replace the tank lid

Regular Maintenance Will Improve Function

Cleaning your brine tank out once a year or so is a simple plumbing repair that will help keep your water softening system working correctly. Too much sodium sediment can impede the flow of water between the tanks and, if left untreated, can necessitate more extensive plumbing repair services. Those who are even slightly hesitant about the cleaning process should contact a plumbing professional to perform the job. Or, if you have any concerns about how your water softener is functioning, simply contact Collins Comfort Masters.