R-22 Phase 

What Is R-22?

R-22 gas becomes a liquid when it is compressed or cooled. It is made using CFCs, also known as chlorofluorocarbons, and is known as an ODS or ozone-depleting substance. You will also see it referred to as HCFC, which stands for hydrochlorofluorocarbons.

The gas is typically odorless and nonflammable and has no color. Some manufacturers produce R-22 with a slight odor. R-22 is used in AC systems and heat pumps. It cools the air flowing from the unit through the ventilation system and into the rooms of the home. 

Why Is R-22 Being Discontinued?

CFCs have been banned because they have been shown to deplete the ozone layer of our atmosphere. Two international treaties, the Montreal Protocol and the Kyoto Protocol, restrict the use of this gas and other substances like it. In the U.S., R-22 is identified by the EPA as a Class II controlled substance.

How Will This Affect Your Unit?

R-22 will still be available for use, but it will cost a lot more to purchase from your service company. The EPA believes that recovered and reclaimed HCFC-22 and products produced before the 2020 deadline will meet the requirements of existing systems.

Should You Replace Your AC?

Depending on the condition of your system, it may be time to replace or upgrade it. Today’s systems are far more efficient and cost-effective to run than most R-22-based equipment. Requesting an installation estimate is the place to begin the replacement process.

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