Tips for Maintaining Your Winter Indoor Air Quality

Keeping your home warm in the winter should be a top priority. Once a property gets too cold, pipes could burst without warning. Furthermore, chilly air isn’t exactly beneficial to your health. So, homeowners should make sure that their furnaces are operating efficiently before winter hits. Maximizing indoor air quality must be part of this process. Don’t dismiss the steps necessary to improve indoor air quality during the winter months.

Change Your Filters More Often

A dirty air filter doesn’t help the cause of keeping the airflow clean. Filters capture all kinds of debris and prevent them from traveling through the ducts with the heated air. When the filters become dirty, they can’t do the intended job efficiently. If you want to improve your indoor air quality, change the filters more often. A dirty filter could also cause problems in the furnace. At Collins Comfort Masters, we can help with heating and plumbing repair and maintenance.

Clean the Vents

Dirt and debris become a problem when they collect. No matter where debris collects, it can cause a severe problem. So, you don’t want the vents to become excessively dirty or dusty. Simply vacuuming the vents with a decent attachment could remove a lot of dirt and dust from the vents.

Request Scheduled Maintenance

Other problems besides a dirty filter could lead to poor air quality. You may not be capable of figuring out what’s wrong with your furnace, or even if a problem exists. A technician performing a complete service inspection combined with a full cleaning could uncover any issues if they exist. Afterward, a necessary fix could occur.

Check and Clean the Ducts

In addition, don’t ignore the ducts when requesting cleaning and inspections. The physical furnace connects to the ducts, and air running through dirty, dusty ducts picks up those impurities.

Don’t let too much time pass before taking action. Call Collins Comfort Masters today to discuss your service options. Residents throughout Tempe, Gilbert and the Phoenix metro area rely on us for heating and cooling services.