Tips to Extend the Life Expectancy of Your Air Conditioner

Air conditioning units have become a necessity. They are an investment and how long they serve you depends on how well they are treated. On average, an air conditioner usually lasts for about 12 years or more if they are well maintained. To help you extend the life of your unit, here are a few tips you can follow.

Work with a Competent Contractor

The installation of the unit will determine how long it lasts. Remember it is an investment, you do not want a quick fixing of the system only to cause more damage to the unit. You need a competent contractor to install the unit. Proper installation enhances the unit’s durability.

Give the Unit a Break

The unit is mechanical and if it is always on cooling the air it will wear out at a faster rate. You do not have to have the unit running when there is no one in the house hence turn it off when leaving the house. Also at night when temperatures are cooler you can turn off the system, and open the windows when you sleep rather than overworking the unit. By giving the system a break you reduce the rate of wear and tear.

Routine Maintenance

If you want your system to serve you for years to come, you need to schedule routine maintenance. Regular maintenance of the system helps to identify small problems and have them fixed before they can become a bigger problem. An HVAC maintenance expert will clean the unit and change the filters increasing its efficiency.

Allow Air to Circulate Freely

Air conditioning units work by pumping cold air into the house and hence it is vital that proper airflow is efficient. To allow this to happen clear any obstructions from the air vents around the house. If the air vents are obstructed, the system has to work extra hard to make sure that all rooms in the house get cool air. While at it clean the ducts because debris and dust can prevent air from flowing freely in the house. The dust and debris can negatively affect the air quality in your home.

Change the Filter

Every unit has an air filter and over time it collects dust and debris and can get clogged. Replacing the air filter not only extends the lifespan of the unit but it increases its efficiency which translates to savings on energy cost.

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