Tips to Reduce Energy Costs in the Winter

Solutions That Are Good for the Environment and Your Wallet

Most residents of the Phoenix area are used to Southern Arizona’s hotter temperatures. But, with average temperatures dropping down to the low 30s/high 20s (and sometimes even lower!) in the winter months, it can be tempting to crank up the heat from November through March. However, as any homeowner knows, this can quickly become costly, as running the heater every day for months can drastically increase your energy bills. Plus, it’s bad for the environment, as most heating systems produce greenhouse gases and harmful emissions.

So, how can you save money and help the environment without freezing? Here at Collins Comfort Masters, we’ve got some tips to help you stay warm and cozy all winter long that won’t up your monthly energy bill. Check out our tips below!

Harness the Power of the Sun

The great thing about the sun is that it produces the same amount of heat all year, even when the air outside is colder. If your house has a lot of windows, you can take advantage of this free, completely renewable source of heat. Even if you don’t get tons of natural light every day, you probably still get some sun. Use it to your advantage! Open up the curtains or blinds on your south-facing windows during the day to let in as much sun and heat as possible. Once the sun sets, close your window coverings back up to keep as much of that heat inside as possible.

Bonus: If you really want to lower your energy bills and make a huge impact on your carbon footprint, consider investing in solar-powered heating for your home. Solar heaters are the most eco-friendly option on the market and they can dramatically reduce or even completely eliminate your energy bill thanks to a lessened dependence on gas or electricity.

Bundle Up

Sure, you want to be comfortable, but it’s a little silly to crank up the heater so high that you have to change into shorts and a t-shirt. Instead, throw on a warm sweater, pull on some fuzzy socks, and buy some good-quality throw blankets for TV-watching or reading on the couch. Bundling up is one of the easiest, cheapest ways to save energy during the winter.

Consider Zoned Heating

If you generally spend time in the same few rooms in your house, you might want to consider switching to a zoned heating system. These systems allow you to only heat the rooms you’re using, when you’re using them. Don’t waste heat on a spare bedroom that’s currently empty or an upstairs bathroom no one uses! Instead, customize your heating with a zoned system.

Take Advantage of Ceiling Fans

Did you know that ceiling fans aren’t just for cooling? In fact, ceiling fans can be effectively used to maximize heating in a given room. Simply switch the blade rotation to clockwise to trap hot air in the room. (You can usually achieve this by locating a small button or switch on the base of the fan that changes blade direction. Make sure the fan is turned off before switching blade direction.)

Install a Timed Thermostat or “Smart” Thermostat

Installing a thermostat with a timer or a “smart” thermostat option can help you save tons of money on your energy bill this winter. These devices are designed to automatically switch your heating system on and off based on a schedule that you set. Program the system to turn on your heater 30 minutes before you wake up in the morning to enjoy a cozy room without leaving your bed. Schedule the heater to turn off while you’re at work and turn it back on just before you arrive home. This can help you save money and the environment with unmatched ease.

Schedule Regular Heating System Maintenance

One of the biggest factors in saving money on heating is system efficiency. The more efficient your heating system is, the less you have to use it and the lower you can set the temperature while still enjoying comfortable, cozy heat. Heater maintenance is the easiest and best way to ensure that your system is working at optimal efficiency. During our heating system maintenance service, we’ll check the various components of your heater to ensure that they are clean, working properly, and not about to break down. We’ll also take care of minor repairs and parts replacements, should they be necessary.

For more ideas on how you can lower your energy bills during the cold winter months or to schedule heater services in Phoenix or the surrounding areas, call Collins Comfort Masters!