Warning Signs You Need Furnace Repair

A furnace is a great way to heat your home. But the sudden loss of functionality in the dead of winter can be a serious problem. No matter what age or condition your furnace is in, it’s up to you to keep it in good working order with regular maintenance. Still, there are certain problems that can be difficult to detect if you don’t know what you’re looking for. So here are some critical signs that could mean your furnace is in need of repair.

Changes in Efficiency

If your heating bill has suddenly gone through the ceiling and is not commensurate with your heating needs, then your unit is probably struggling to work through some kind of obstruction, disconnection, or other hidden problem. If the issue isn’t readily apparent, it’s probably in your best interest to call on  professionals to diagnose and repair the problem.

Weak Air Flow

Sometimes it’s just an unresponsive thermostat, which is an easy fix. But if the air flowing out of your vents or registers is weaker than it should be even though the unit sounds like it’s working hard to crank out heat, then you’ve definitely got a problem. This is usually caused by a dirty filter. If you replace the filter and the problem persists, then your furnace is plagued by something deeper in the vents or central unit.

Banging, Clanking, or Other Strange Noises

If, when the unit fires up, you start hearing weird knocking, banking, or clanking sounds- then you’ve probably got a disconnected piece of ductwork somewhere in the walls. Often times this can be easy to diagnose. However, just because it sounds like a disconnected duct, doesn’t mean that’s what it is. The closer the noise is to the central unit, the more serious it’s likely to be. If you hear strange sounds you should get in touch with the professionals right away.

Odd Smells

Strange smells can be a sign that a dangerous mold or fungus bloom has developed. Do not attempt to remove mold yourself. This requires professional mold removal.

Emergency Heating Services in Phoenix

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