What Causes Heating Repairs?

There are some common things that lead to furnace repairs. At Collins Comfort Masters, we’ve seen our share of the following issues in Phoenix and the East Valley.

Lack of Maintenance

If you don’t have an HVAC specialist look at your furnace at least annually, you could have issues that lead to costly repairs. Routine inspections catch unexpected issues before they become a big problem. Tune-ups help your furnace operate efficiently and reliably.

Dirty Air Filters

A dirty air filter forces your furnace to work a lot harder to circulate air through your home. It can also damage your limit switch, which means the fan stops working. Not cleaning and changing the filter could significantly shorten the life of your heater.

Wear and Tear

As your furnace gets older, parts start to become damaged or nonfunctional. Normal wear and tear will eventually cause airflow issues, overheating and heat-control problems.

Cracked Heat Exchanger

The heat exchanger is a set of tubes in your furnace that heats air. It can crack, which results in a costly visit from an HVAC specialist. This is something that can be avoided with regular maintenance.

Slipped or Frayed Blower Belt

If you hear a high-pitched squeal coming from your furnace when it’s on, it’s likely that your blower belt has slipped out of position or is frayed. An HVAC repairman can fix this issue for you.

Worn out Ball Bearings

When this issue occurs, you will hear a scraping sound emanating from the furnace. You need to immediately turn it off to prevent greater damage. You will need to call an expert to fix this problem.

The Heater Expert in Your Neighborhood

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