What to Do if a Gas Leak Occurs

A gas leak could result in significant health issues as well as property damage if it is not taken care of immediately. Therefore, it is important that you know the signs of a gas leak and what to do if one occurs in or near your home.

What Are the Signs of a Gas Leak?

If a carbon monoxide or dioxide detector starts beeping, it likely means that there is gas in your home. In some cases, gas will be mixed with a component that makes it smell like rotten eggs. Therefore, if you notice this smell in the basement or outside of your home, you should call for help immediately. At Collins Comfort Masters in Tempe, we can help to diagnose and fix gas leaks, and we can provide service on an emergency basis if necessary.

Get Out of the House

It can be dangerous to stay inside of a home that has a gas leak. There is a possibility that it could react with other elements in your indoor air that can cause an explosion without warning. There is also a chance that leaking gas could start a fire in the house. Inhaling gas could lead to health problems such as nausea or short-term memory loss.

Have Your Home Inspected

A home inspection can determine if there was any damage caused by gas leaks that you may not be able to see at first glance. An inspection might also determine if there are any other problems with a gas line that should be fixed before another leak occurs. The local utility company may shut off the gas until the primary leak is fixed and inspected.

If you need help with gas leaks or any other plumbing problem, give Collins Comfort Masters in Phoenix a call today. We can do indoor air quality assessments as well as fix any issues that your air conditioner or furnace may have.