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It is agreed that Collins Comfort Masters will provide skilled technicians to inspect your HVAC equipment to ensure it is operating efficiently. The Masters HVAC Maintenance Plan includes 2 semi-annual visits per year during which we will perform a full safety inspection, testing all electrical, mechanical, and refrigeration components. We will provide a comprehensive report card documenting all our findings and any recommendations to improve your system's efficiency, effectiveness, and longevity. This plan is home to the Valley’s only “No Worry” repair guarantee. We believe you should Never pay twice for the same repair as long as you own the system. Collins Comfort Masters takes pride in doing things the right way, should any component we replace ever fail again we will come out and fix it at no charge. (Excludes; heat exchangers, condenser coils, evaporator coils, and compressors). To qualify you must maintain a current Maintenance Plan from the time of the initial repair to qualify. Other benefits of the plan are listed below:

Collins Loyalty Bucks- Every month you remain on the plan you will earn $5 towards the replacement of a Water Heater, Water Softener, or HVAC System (not redeemable for cash or repair)

Additional Terms and Conditions

This Plan is a maintenance plan for HVAC systems, not an insurance policy, extended warranty, or service contract. This agreement is between the Seller and the Purchaser and provides for certain inspections and maintenance services for the Purchaser at the residence listed on the on this contract (Plan residence) for the number of HVAC units listed on this Plan as indicated herein.

I. Plan Period:

A. The Monthly Plan starts 12:01 am local time on the effective date identified on the front of the Plan and extends until written notification to cancel Plan is received from Buyer. See section III.A.

II. We will provide the following benefits to the Purchaser, at the address listed, during the term of this Agreement depending on which Plan or Plans have been purchased:

A. We will perform semi-annual system inspections for the HVAC Equipment identified above. System inspections will include (to the extent applicable and to the extent the components of the Purchasers equipment are accessible) those services indicated on this contract of this Plan respective to the Plan option selected.

B. The Purchaser must contact Us to schedule a system inspection. System inspections will only be scheduled to be completed during the term of this Plan and during normal business hours. We will make three attempts to contact you to remind you to schedule your HVAC Maintenance Inspections. However, it is the Purchaser’s responsibility to schedule. Any unused inspections will be forfeited after your Plan(s) expire(s) or three months after the scheduled date of the inspection.

C. We will provide the Purchaser with a ten percent (10%) discount (up to $200) for repairs performed by our company at the residence listed on this Plan for any HVAC, or Plumbing repair service. Our usual customary repair rates are indicated in our flatrate manuals. Additionally, we will provide plumbing maintenance as requested according to the benefits listed above:

D. For any unscheduled repair service, we will make every effort to provide the Purchaser with priority service through preferential treatment in the scheduling of the Purchaser’s call for the residence listed on this Plan. You may contact us for emergency service 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Emergencies are situations that create substantial risk of injury to persons or substantial property damage.

E. For every consecutive month a customer maintains a Masters HVAC Maintenance Plan, the Purchaser will receive $5 in Collins Loyalty Bucks to be used towards the purchases of a new Water Heater, Water Softener or HVAC System (must be complete system). This credit can only be applied to the purchase of one of these new system options, installed at the Plan’s residence andcannot be redeemed in any other form or offer. Upon cancellation/termination of this Plan any unused credit will be forfeited without notice. Offer is non-transferable, cannot be redeemed for cash and the New System must be purchased and installed by Collins Comfort Master or All About Water.

III. Terms of Cancellations, Expiration & Transfers:

A. The Plan will continue perpetually until the Purchaser cancels the agreement. The monthly fee will continue to be charged until the Purchaser cancels the agreement. Charges will continue for one month after the written notice of termination isreceived at the corporate office. Seller is not obligated to fulfill any uncompleted system inspections provided by this Agreement and has no further performance obligation to Purchaser upon cancellation. The Seller is allowed, but not limited to, two weeks for termination processing. No other charges will be made, or refunds issued regardless of the amount of system inspections that may or may not have been performed.

B. If the scheduled credit card payment is declined, this agreement may automatically be cancelled if the credit card information is not updated, and payment is not processed within 30 days. Once the agreement is cancelled, no further service will be required to be rendered by Us under this Plan, regardless of the amount of System inspections that may or may not have been performed.

C. This plan requires a minimum 12-month commitment to receive any benefits listed above. Should this Plan be canceled by the purchaser prior to the 12th month and the Purchaser has received some form of compensation through any of the benefits listedabove, the Seller may back charge for any savings received in advance from services rendered during the time of this Plan.

IV. This Plan does not cover, and we will not be responsible for:

A. Any breakdown or failure of the equipment, or any failure to detect any defect in or malfunction of the equipment coveredunder this Plan.

B. Any parts or labor for any required repairs, except that if You have Us provide the required repairs on the equipment covered under this Plan during the term of this Plan, the repairs will be provided in accordance with the provisions in Section II. C, and II.D of this Plan.

C. Any consequential, secondary, or incidental damages or any bodily injury or property damage, regardless of cause.

V. Pricing options as set forth on the front of this agreement:

A. If you select the monthly payment method, you will be charged a monthly fee of $18.00 for the first HVAC System Plan. If you have more than one HVAC system, each additional system will add another $13.00 a month to the monthly charge.

B. It is the Purchaser’s responsibility to make sure that the credit card information that is on file with Collins Comfort Masters remains active and current. If the card expires or is replaced for whatever reason, contact us promptly at 480-669-6779 to update the record to avoid termination of the agreement as described in section III.

C. All pricing is subject to change with a 60-day notice to the member. If you have any questions, please call us at 480-669-6779.

For service under this Masters HVAC Maintenance Plan, contact Collins Comfort Masters at 480-NoWorry or online at

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