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Looking For a New Water Heater or Water Softener?

Collins Comfort Masters offers top tier brands of water softeners, water purification, and water heater equipment that provide high quality and dependability.

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  • Upgrade your pipes and get drain clearing performed on your home
    Most people don’t think about the drains under their homes until something disastrous happens. Collins Comfort Masters has all the latest tools to diagnose why your kitchen or bathroom drain is clogged or draining slowly. When you need us, our knowledgeable and professional plumbers will arrive at your house promptly to determine the problem, and they can usually clear your drain during the same visit.

  • Water Heaters
    Collins Comfort Masters provides services for all makes and models of water heaters.

Since heating your water is the largest energy user in your home, besides heating and cooling, new energy-efficient water heaters can really make a big difference in your monthly energy bills. Collins Comfort Masters offers a complete lineup of water heater options including heat pump, tankless and high-efficiency gas, and electric units. Each option fits a different need. Collins offers free estimates for your water heater replacement.

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