4 Reasons to Avoid DIY Drain Cleaning

August 27, 2019

The drains that are used in your home are prone to accumulating gunk and grime over time due to the different products that are washed down. Cleaning the drains is necessary to reduce the risk that can occur. Here are a few reasons to avoid DIY drain cleaning. 1. Damage Many homeowners attempt to save money by cleaning their drains themselves, but this can result in damage to the plumbing system or septic tank. Chemical drain cleaners interfere with all of the bacteria that break down waste and are prone to causing wear with the septic tank. They can also cause the pipes to deteriorate with the hydrochloric acid they contain. 2. Avoid Wasting Time and Money Attempting to clean the drains yourself can result in a loss in time and money if do not have experience. Many people end up making the problem worse, which can lead to expensive repairs if the clogs aren’t removed. You can save time and money by hiring a professional from a company like in Phoenix to perform the task and get it done right the first time. 3. It Doesn’t Always Work Many people are surprised to learn that their drain cleaning efforts...

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What to Do If a Gas Leak Occurs

August 17, 2019

A gas leak could result in significant health issues as well as property damage if it is not taken care of immediately. Therefore, it is important that you know the signs of a gas leak and what to do if one occurs in or near your home. What Are the Signs of a Gas Leak? If a carbon monoxide or dioxide detector starts beeping, it likely means that there is gas in your home. In some cases, gas will be mixed with a component that makes it smell like rotten eggs. Therefore, if you notice this smell in the basement or outside of your home, you should call for help immediately. At in Gilbert, we can help to diagnose and fix gas leaks, and we can provide service on an emergency basis if necessary. Get Out of the House It can be dangerous to stay inside of a home that has a gas leak. There is a possibility that it could react with other elements in your indoor air that can cause an explosion without warning. There is also a chance that leaking gas could start a fire in the house. Inhaling gas could lead to health problems such as...

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4 Signs of a Broken AC Motor

August 7, 2019

The motor in your air conditioner is the main component that is responsible for making the appliance operate and needs to run well to ensure you get cool air in the building. Over time, the part is prone to suffering from issues, whether due to its age or wear that occurs. Here are a few top signs to look for to determine if you have a broken AC motor. 1. No Cold Airflow The main sign that your AC motor needs attention is if there’s a lack of cool air blowing through the vents. The air conditioner may not work or only blows warm air through the vents when it’s in use. 2. Unusual Noises You may begin to hear unusual noises coming from your AC system like rattling, humming, and buzzing noises. The AC motor is likely having issues if there’s a loud rattling noise coming from the condenser unit. The motor may also begin to buzz or hum, which is a sign that the blades aren’t functioning. 3. Thermostat Issues If you begin to notice issues with your thermostat and that it’s not cooling the interior setting to the desired temperature, then you likely have a broken AC...

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5 Signs You Need Drain Cleaning

July 22, 2019

Most people don’t think about plumbing drains until the signs of problems arise. Ignoring those signs could lead to bigger issues more quickly than you think. Don’t get caught unexpectedly by drainpipe problems. Be on the lookout for five signs that something is wrong and the drain needs a good cleaning. 1. Water Backs up in Sinks and Stalls A drain is an empty pipe. Water and runs down the drain from the sink, shower, and elsewhere to the sewer system. If soap scum or debris builds up, the drain suffers from obstructions. Backups and clogs occur when something’s blocking the flow. Cleaning out the drain could restore the flow before things get worse. 2. The Drain Emits Odors Foul odors indicate something is rotting down in the drain. If you dumped cooking oil down the sink and thought running the faucet would clean everything out, well, the smell coming from the drain shows it won’t. A thorough cleaning, however, just might. 3. Sound Comes From the Drain Even if the drains seem to work, you should feel alarmed at the gurgling sound coming from the pipes. An obstruction is likely causing the “glug” sound. Obstructions only get worse. addresses...

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Benefits of Emergency HVAC Service

July 12, 2019

If you’ve ever had a major issue with your HVAC system, you know that they don’t come with much of a warning. It would be great if your air conditioner or furnace could give you a phone call and let you know that they are going to break down in a month, but that’s just not the case. Next thing you know, your home is scorching hot or ice cold and you don’t know what to do. Luckily, offers emergency HVAC services for customers in dire need of maintenance, replacement, or repairs. Here are some of the top benefits of using emergency HVAC services: 24/7 Service You can call us to set up a visit from one of our certified technicians at any hour of the day. Your HVAC system doesn’t wait for you, so you shouldn’t have to wait for a technician. Whether your furnace stops working in the middle of the night or first thing in the morning, we will be at your house in no time with a solution. Parts Ready to Go Emergency technicians have almost every common part needed in stock and ready to go, meaning they can solve any issue without a waiting period...

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Ductless Cooling Systems vs Air Conditioners

July 1, 2019

When it comes to cooling your home, there are a few different types of systems available to create a comfortable setting. Ductless cooling systems and air conditioners are the two main types that are installed in properties. Both systems operate differently and vary in their efficiency. Here are a few of the top differences to learn between ductless cooling systems and air conditioners. 1. Ductwork The main difference between ductless cooling systems and air conditioners is that air conditioners require ductwork and ductless cooling systems do not. Ductless systems don’t have any ductwork that needs to be present to operate, which can make it more convenient to use for buildings with thick walls. Ductless cooling systems can keep the interior setting at a more consistent temperature during the day instead of turning on repeatedly. 2. Cost Although ductless cooling systems may be convenient to use, the cost to install them can sometimes be higher. The high cost is often because it can be difficult to find a qualified professional that is capable of installing the ductless system compared to a technician that is skilled in installing a standard AC unit. 3. Maintenance Air conditioners may require more maintenance compared to...

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What to Look for in a HVAC Repair Company

June 23, 2019

An HVAC system is often in use consistently to keep the hot temperatures away during the warmer months of the year. Unfortunately, this product is prone to breaking down from time to time, which can make it challenging to spend time in your house with temperatures quickly rising. If you’re in immediate need of an HVAC repair company, it’s essential to follow a few tips for how to find the right professionals to assist you. 1. Licensing and Experience Licenses are required for HVAC contractors to work on residential or commercial properties here in Gilbert, Arizona. This makes it essential that you work only with professionals who are qualified. They should also have several years of experience in the industry to ensure that they can perform the necessary inspections and repairs. The contractors should also have the proper insurance to guarantee that you’re protected if an accident or damage occurs while they work in your house. 2. References and Referrals Always make it a point to ask for references when communicating with a potential HVAC company to ensure that you can speak to other customers the business has worked with in the past. You’ll want to ask the references if...

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The Top 3 Advantages of Water Treatment Services

June 10, 2019

You may not realize how much you contact the water in your home. Whether you’re taking a shower or drinking straight from the faucet, it’s important to have good H2O. Unfortunately, many homes have subpar water quality that can affect residents and even a building’s structure over time. Here are a few of the top advantages of obtaining professional water treatment services for your property. 1. Improve Your Health The water that you drink or use to bathe each day can influence your health. Disease outbreaks are commonly linked to drinking water. This makes it necessary to avoid using water that may be contaminated with organic or inorganic matter. Tap water is also known to have high levels of lead, which has been linked to ADD and development delays in kids. 2. Protect Your Appliances Low-quality water in Gilbert is known to cause damage to many home appliances. Once water is softened, however, the parts in your appliances will last longer. Soft water also requires less soap or detergent when washing the dishes. There will even be less scale buildup in washing machines. This allows the appliance to operate better and have more longevity. Water heaters will also benefit from...

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Higher SEER for Greater Efficiency

June 1, 2019

When you’re researching to find out which AC or heat pump system you should purchase for your home or commercial building, what kinds of things should you look for? One of them is the SEER rating. What Is SEER? The SEER rating measures efficiency. SEER stands for “Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio,” meaning the ratio of the cooling output divided by the energy it uses. It’s not exact because it measures maximum efficiency. In other words, it measures the way your system will perform under the best of conditions. The higher your SEER rating is, the better your efficiency will be. What Is a Normal Rating? Modern units can range anywhere from 13 to 21 on the SEER scale. The higher the SEER rating, the more expensive the unit will be. You have to carefully judge how much the efficiency will save you on electricity and repairs. Since it uses less energy, it’s also theoretically much better for the environment. If your system is more efficient, it won’t have to work as hard. Why Get Higher SEER? Although even a three-level difference won’t save you much money, there are still many other advantages to getting a unit with a high SEER...

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Positive Qualities of Sump Pumps

May 23, 2019

The technicians of Collins Comfort Masters work hard to provide the locals of Gilbert, AZ, with quality plumbing repairs, installations, and emergency services. We’re capable of serving all of the Phoenix area so you can trust us to help you with your plumbing issue. Many plumbing troubles center around having too much water, and one way to deal with that problem is to have a sump pump installed. The following are some of the ways a sump pump can help you. They Help Prevent Flooding One of the main purposes of having a sump pump is to control the amount of rainwater on your premises. Sump pumps will remove that excess water so that you won’t have to deal with flooding. They Reduce Humidity in Your Basement Having a sump pump installed can also lessen the amount of moisture that accumulates in your basement. Excess wetness can cause a variety of problems for your basement that a sump pump can help mitigate. They Decrease the Chances of an Electrical Fire Flooding can cause electrical fires to break out, so keeping your basement dry can lower the odds of fire. One of our professionals will be able to give you a...

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